Over/Under Vol. 1

In 2012, one of the biggest online media outlets ‘Pitchfork’ began putting on the widely popular ‘Over/Under’ videos. These videos took a simple concept, take an artist or group, give them a load of random topics and they say whether they are overrated or underrated. This has brought the world some amazing moments, A$AP Ferg saying Jim Carey should play ‘The Riddler’, Earl Sweatshirt saying Ghandi is overrated, and who could forget Mac Demarco and Vince Staples just being fucking brilliant. I’ve took the concept of these over/under videos and changed it, I’ll pick 10 random musical topics and give my view on whether they’re overrated or underrated with my logic behind it. Feel free to throw suggestions my way or your opinions on the topics I’ve picked!

Pharrell Williams- Underrated

Near enough everything this man has ever touched is pure gold, whether it’s singing, producing or even from time to time a bit of rapping, Pharrell has had nothing but success and is one of my favourite geniuses in music. As part of the group N.E.R.D he was part of one of best albums of the 90’s with ‘In Search Of’. He revolutionised production time and again and has managed to keep with the times, from the 90’s to now Pharrell has never faded into the backgroud, working with the likes of Odd Future alumni Tyler The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt and Frank Ocean, as well as working with some of the biggest rappers of all time in Jay- Z, Kanye West and Snoop Dogg. This man made Justin Timberlake the brilliant artist that he is and we are all lucky to have him. Clinically underrated because people don’t see that Pharrell is one of the greatest people to ever grace music.

1990’s Rap- Overrated

Anyone who knows me knows my view point on this, and I very often get slated for it as well, but I just cannot get into 90’s rap like I can from the current era of rap, I rate 2000’s rap better as well. I’d say it’s a generational thing that I never listened to 90’s rap growing up, but I know a lot of people my age who love the 90’s. But for me, I’d choose Kendrick Lamar over Tupac and I’d choose Migos over Wu Tang. I don’t hate 90’s rap, and I respect everything it’s done for modern day rap, but I just cannot sit and listen to a full Biggie album. I’ll never forget how Vince Stapels compared 90’s rap to Toy Story, as a child in 2000’s I was always going to pick Woody and Buzz over Tupac and Biggie.

Foals- Underrated

For me personally Foals are a top 5 UK band right now, Only really to be matched by The 1975, AM, The XX and Gorillaz, if you’re being generous Bring Me The Horizon. The music they make is bringing in a different sound to the UK and up and coming bands should be taking note. Spanish Sahara is one of the best songs ever by any UK band period. ‘What Went Down’ was a brilliant album in 2015 and they haven’t ever really done wrong in my eyes. Their music has always evolved and the albums are so progressive and a pure treat to the ears. Front man Yannis is not only multi talented but also a very intelligent character outside of music which undoubtedly helps the band grow.

Mike Posner ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza’- Overrated

How has Mike Posner ever been big? With that monotone voice of his he managed to make a song as catchy as ‘Cooler Than Me’ an irritating over played piece of garbage, then in his big return he manages to do it again times 10. This was his second chance and although he found mad amounts of success as he did the first time it was just trash bought by 14 year old kids. I’ll be shocked if we see Mike Posner be relevant for a very long time in mainstream music, he can join Robin Thicke, Flo Rida, Gotye and Jason Mraz on the shelf where he belongs.

Rick Ross- Underrated

If someone was to take all of Rick Ross’ features and put them together it’d make a 10/10 mixtape. 5 of his 8 albums reached the top of the billboard 100 with 3 going gold and 1 going platinum, he doesn’t get nearly enough credit in the rap world for the talent that he possesses. Yes he might be a little bit of a meme at times, but if I see that Rick Ross is featuring on a song my instant thought is that the song is gonna bang, at often times Ross has actually murdered people on their own songs and on top of all this he is a pure G of a human, and severely underrated.

Christmas Songs- Underrated

If it was socially acceptable to bump Christmas songs all year round I probably would, I ain’t no damn Scrooge and Shakin Stevens has bangers and ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham isn’t just the best Christmas song ever it’s just an all time favourite. Even the sad songs make me happy I just love them so much. I’m glad new Christmas songs are hard to find as well because they’ll never match Bing Crosby and that’s fact.

Eminem- Overrated

Love him or hate him Eminem is a very, very talented rapper with at often times an amazing flow, but by God he is overrated. First of all he’s had too many failures to be ranked where he is in the metaphorical rap hall of fame, ‘Relapse’ just straight up sucked balls, and a lot of his more recent projects leave you wondering what ever happened to the man, Older projects than this were brilliant at times, but at other times often too dark for me. He’s done some brilliant things but all in all I find Eminem to be on the same overrated as most of the 90’s guys with the exception of the ones that truly bang.

Imagine Dragons- Overrated

It winds me up that this band ever found success and still find it. Imagine Dragons are one of the most beige bands to ever exist, I can’t even remember the name of that terrible song they had that got big, all I remember is there was a Kendrick Lamar remix which made it good, simply because Kendrick was in it. So many bands like this are in existence at the moment and it’s not a good thing for music that at every festival lineup there’s 5 or 6 bands that are all the same thing and that are all average at best, there’s a shortage of big bands for me at the minute that are new and fresh, and groups like this do nothing at all to help the problem. They’re as overrated as Oreos and Mikados this bunch.

Drake ‘VIEWS’- Overrated

I love Drake with a passion, so much so that I’ll be seeing him this year when he’s on tour, but this album is overrated. After ‘More Life’ comes out and the tour is over Drake needs to take some time off. ‘VIEWS’ was too long for a starter at 20 songs, this wouldn’t be a bad thing but there was around 10 filler tracks on it. This album is a 6.5 out of 10 for me, and that’s only because of a select few very obvious bangers. I think what annoys me is that this is possibly Drake’s worst studio album, yet every 18 year old girl who suddenly likes grime and vans when last year they loved Meghan Trainor and heels loves this album. Every lad who out of nowhere loved The Stone Roses and Converse suddenly loved ‘Too Good’ and Yeezys, it’s a damn shame that everyone jumped on the Drake train when he dropped something average, could they have not jumped on for ‘Take Care’ and we could’ve bumped ‘Marvins Room’ for a year and had it at number 1 for 13 weeks?

Tyler The Creator’s Music Videos- Underrated

Not many people care about cool music videos anymore, off the top of my head the only rappers I can think of are Tyler, Action Bronson, Childish Gambino and Young Thug who consistently make brilliant videos, but Tyler The Creator is on some next level directing. Each video is vastly different from the last, it’s either wacky,cool or it follows a story, sometimes all three. Tyler has often said he doesn’t just want to be seen as a rapper and that can be seen through his fantastic directing on music videos. His most recent album ‘Cherry Bomb’ delivered several amazing videos to add to his stellar collection, ‘Buffalo’ hit us with the wow factor whilst ‘Fucking Young’ took everyone on a fun take of a fairly difficult lyrical story. It boggles my mind that every artist isn’t trying to make these kinds of videos, whenever Tyler drops a video it’s something to be excited about which can’t be said for 95% of music videos.





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