Ranking Drake’s Albums

With the recent release of Drake’s newest work ‘More Life’ I decided to rank his albums from worst to best. Drake at this moment in time could be considered the biggest thing in music, after smashing 2016 out of the park with the insanely successful ‘Views’ Drizzy went on to have a massive world tour which I was lucky enough to attend, he cannot put a foot wrong at the moment. This list doesn’t include old mixtapes. Any albums, mixtapes or compilations that have been sold and charted are in the list, feel free to leave comments on whether you agree or disagree with anything in these lists.

8. So Far Gone (Album Rating 7/10)

A short EP that showed the world what Drake is really made of, it introduced him to a lot of people and as far as a 7 song mixtape goes, was extremely successful managing to go gold in America. ‘Successful’ and ‘Best I Ever Had’ where songs that propelled Drake to the forefront of rap, it was the mixtape that was always going to make Drizzy a star, it wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever heard but it made a lasting impression on fans, making his debut album something people had to watch out for, and the rest is history.


7. Views (Album Rating 7/10)

The most recent studio album from Drake cam in 2016 with ‘Views’. This album was one of the most hyped pieces of work I’ve ever seen, and it simply didn’t live up to the hype making this the most disappointing release of Drake’s career. At 20 songs this album was filled with fillers, after I’ve heard it in full last year I doubt I’ll ever hear it in full again but I’ll cherry pick the bangers which are few and far between. Maybe 5 or 6 songs are amazing songs, the rest are bang average. The Album in general just was very flat, it’s not the worst album you’ve ever heard but when you have it down as a potential album of the year it leaves a sour taste, Drake was lucky that he could sell a silent CD and people would love it.

Drakeviewsfromthe6 (1)

6. What A Time To Be Alive (Album Rating 7.5/10)

Views is Drake’s most overrated album, and this is the second most overrated. It’s a good album, but some people think it’s one of Drakes best, and it’s so far from it. It’s a collab album with Future, and with Metro Boomin on production it was never going to be a bad album, although some tracks are slightly forgetful some of them bang hard. The problem with mumble rap is that some tracks serve as fillers whilst other shine, and this album had a major case of that, similar to ‘Views’ without the major bangers it’s just a decent album that people expected more of.


5. Thank Me Later (Album Rating 8/10)

Every now and then when I’m feeling nostalgic I go back to this album and wish Drake did more of this, his debut album was absolute fire that shot Drake into fame. It had the fundamentals I think every great album should have, it wasn’t too long, a good variety of tracks, and some solid features that never took away from the man himself. Tracks such as ‘Miss Me’ and ‘Over’ propelled this album to number one in the charts, a place every other Drake album has reached since. Drake showed the deep rap on this album, back when he was a little scrawnier and had his heart broken, as sad as that is he made some mega tracks.


4. If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (Album Rating 8.5/10)

This was the album where Drake changed, remember how he said he was skinny and had a broken heart? Well now he was stocky and just fucking bitches left right and centre, and most importantly, dropping those intense bangers, this is the Drake of new and it was refreshing to see. The likes of ‘Energy’ and ‘Know Yourself’ are great anthems, every album with production from 40 and Boi-1da is always fire, they’ve stuck with drake from day 1 and made for some amazing albums and this was no different, it was one of the big steps in the evolution to the Drake we know today who talks about his side tings.


3. More Life (Album Rating 9.5/10)

I’m not sure if this is 3rd because I’m just so high on it at the moment but ‘More Life’ is amazing in every way, especially for a Brit. This is easily the best album of the year so far, despite being a lengthy 22 songs long every song is treat. The things this man has done for British artists is something else, say what you want about Drake but he has elevated the careers of so many people on this album. ‘KMT’ is without a doubt one of the top bangers of 2017 along with ‘Mask Off’ and ‘Tunnel Vision’, a lot of people expected less from this playlist after the release of ‘Views’ but it Drake absolutely bounced back for something special, every feature is hard, every beat is a monster, this is full on Super Saiyan Drake going hard all day. 2 Young Thug features, I repeat, 2 Young Thug Features, Drake blessed us all with this album in a year that has truly been pretty quiet. Fair play to Drake, he said he would deliver and he did.


2. Nothing Was The Same (Album Rating 10/10)

As close to first as it could possibly get, a lot of deliberation went into this but Drake’s 2013 album ‘Nothing Was The Same’ was a close second, and one of my favourite albums of the 2010’s. It showed Drake as a true star, ‘Started From The Bottom’ and ‘Just Hold On We’re Going Home’ become instant rap anthems that will be loved forever. ‘Pound Cake’ ended up being a super track, with Jay-Z putting on one of his best performances ever, ‘Too Much’ and ‘From Time’ are the classic slow jams that Drake can pull out whenever he wants, two of the best songs on the album, for me only to be matched by ‘All Me’ which is a BANGER. Every feature on this album was a solid success, the production was fantastic, and Drake showed that for a 3rd consecutive studio album he is among the elite in the world.


1. Take Care (Album Rating 10/10)

One of my favourite albums ever from start to finish, a variety of styles with music to get turnt to and music to get you in the feels, a mad abundance of features and for me pips ‘Nothing Was The Same’ to the post. In 2011 Drake dropped ‘Take Care’ as the album that took him from being big in rap to becoming the biggest thing in rap. The Grammy winning album features some of the biggest names in music from The Weeknd, to Kendick, to Rihanna to Lil Wayne and Andre 3000, despite being so star studded it doesn’t once take away from Drake, often the problem with features is being over powered on your on tracks but this wasn’t an issue at all. The killer flow on banger ‘HYFR’ displays that Drake has a brilliant rap ability which he sometimes isn’t credited for because of the equally brilliant tracks such as ‘Marvins Room’ and ‘Doing It Wrong’. Both of these tracks display the deep side of Drizzy with the slower flow with more meaningful lyrics, it shows that this album has everything a rap album can offer.




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