Over/Under Vol. 2

This is volume two of the over/under article, it’s a simple format, we take 10 music based topics and I say whether I think they are over or underrated. To remove any bias I haven’t picked the topics this time around so these were completely random to me. Agree or disagree with me, let me know and I’ll argue with you forever.

Elevator Music- Overrated

Why does it even exist? I tried listening to some while I was writing this and I lasted about 30 seconds before it got all too much for me and I had to quit, it reminds me of really bad comedy spots in bad films and the GTA loading screen, neither of which are good reminders. Why can’t elevators play Rod Stewart or something? Generic music like this makes my ears bleed, whoever made that kind of jingle is not only a very rich person, but a massive dick.

Kerrang- Underrated

Every now and then Kerrang is completely awful, the days it plays unknown screamo bands and God awful modern rock, but on it’s good days the magazine turned TV Channel bump Limp Bizkit, Good Charlotte, Sum 41 and the rest of my ‘Teenage Dirtbags Vol. 1’ CD, the nostalgia of those songs every now and then is enough to make this underrated, also the occasional play of Bring Me The Horizon can be a welcomed sight. Don’t mistake this and think I love the channel by the way, if I had to listen for a full day I’d hate it, but cherry picking the best programmes can actually make it a banging channel.

‘Now That’s What I Call’ Albums- Overrated

It was an easy market I suppose, let’s get all girls aged 13 and under to buy our modern CDs and lets get all the oldies to buy or decade CDs, The next release from Now is ‘Now 96’ which features all the songs that are popular in the world, they’ve got bangers from Stormzy, Post Malone and Frank Ocean that I love to listen to, they’ve also got Rag n Bone Man, Ed Sheeran, Little Mix, Katy Perry, Sean Paul, Train and my personal favourite, TOM ZANETTI, if you can buy a compliation album that has a Tom Zanetti song and a Train song you’ve got a serious problem, for every banger on a Now CD they have a Tom Zanetti and that’s just unacceptable, I do like the ‘Now That’s What I call 80’s’ CD because the 80’s went hard.

Hopsin- Overrated

I actually forgot Hopsin was a thing until I saw this topic, then I researched him and he’s got an album out this year and he has 4 other albums, I legit thought all he did were those viral ‘ILL Mind Of Hopsin’ vids on Youtube. He is isn’t all that bad, he’s an average rapper with average songs that some how got successful, but he’s never going to amount to anything really, he tried to get big, had 5 minutes of internet fame then went back where he belongs, in a way he isn’t really overrated because nobody remembers him, but you can’t say he’s underrated because he’s painfully average, I’ll just stick with overrated because some how he got big in the first place.

Tom Jones- Overrated

1960’s to 1975 this man was great, he had banger after banger, but he just couldn’t stop and in the end he managed to make nearly 40 years of trash, he cheated on his wife constantly and then as soon as she died he got a new one, which to me is mind boggling because he ugly as hell, Tom Jones is the poor mans Rod Stewart you better believe that. Just because it’s Christmas and everyone is jolly doesn’t mean that ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ is good, it’s just as creepy as the weird old pervert who made it, also he’s had like 6 greatest hits albums just to make an extra buck, in fact he made two greatest hits albums in 2003.

Rappers Who Skateboard- Underrated

Two rappers came to my mind quickly, Lil Wayne and Tyler The Creator, now I’m not saying Lil Wayne is good at skateboarding, but no matter what people say he is amazing and has a ton of bangers in his portfolio. For me, Tyler The Creator made skating cooler, I already thought it was cool but he just pushed it that bit further, I don’t have any patience to learn how to skate but I admire those who do and do it well. Lupe Fiasco is another skater, and even though I’m not the biggest fan of his I kind of just find it cool that he does it, very weird over/under topic though.

Ska Music- Underrated

Desmond Dekker was the only thing that sprung to my mind here because I love Desmond Dekker. Music from the 50’s and 60’s don’t get nearly enough credit, it’s the music from then that has somehow managed to evolve into the cool sounds we hear now. Ska music is just a cool vibe in general to me, it’s not something I listen to much at all but maybe I should listen to it a little more.

Jay Z- Underrated

When it comes down to pure rapping skills, Jay Z buries most rappers and that alone makes him underrated, he’s never discussed among the best, but he absolutely should be. He’s had some ups and down, some tracks he’s got some weird clunky flow, but on the whole Jay Z can rap better than most, he’s much much better than Kanye at rapping, if Jay Z had more of a personality and some stellar production he’d be top 5. He hopped on a couple tracks with DJ Khaled and with that production he banged hard, when he worked with Drake on Pound Cake he has stellar production and banged hard, it’s probably too late for him to be the best but everyone should recognise his brilliance regardless, massively underrated rapper

Soundcloud- Underrated

Post Malone, Bryson Tiller, Spooky Black, Kehlani, all started on Soundcloud and look what happened to them, that’s just a small few, Soundcloud is a platform to put your music to EVERYONE, it’s a place that Kanye dropped ‘No More Parties in L.A’, it’s a place that Drake dropped his ‘My Way’ remix. Chance The Rapper has taught us all that free music can rule the world, so why would Soundcloud be anything but good, people should utilise it more often, I’ve just been browsing before and I’ve discovered new artists that I love, some new songs I’ve bumped hard, and remixes that are better than the originals.

Saxophone Solos- Underrated

Listen to ‘Careless Whisper’ and tell me that a sax solo is overrated. From David Bowie to Action Bronson, sax solos have been a part of music since forever and there’s a good reason for it, it’s fucking amazing, somewhat underutilised in music today but still shown now and then. George Michael takes the award for the best sax solo ever in a song though. Enjoy the treat of a link I’ve put in here xo.


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