Ranking The 2017 XXL Freshmen

Year in year out American hip hop magazine, XXL, come up with a list of up and coming rappers to watch for the future, it’s garnered major attention becoming a vocal point of many rap fans yearly talks, this years lineup is carrying some major names that’ll no doubt make some serious noise in the coming months and years. Ranking them from worst to best is a difficult task, each brings their own uniqueness to the list, and it’s arguably the strongest line up for quite some time.

10. MadeinTYO

MadeinTYO is most known for his hit tracks ‘Skateboard P’ and ‘Uber Everywhere’, and that’s about it. How they are hit tracks I’ll never know, he shouldn’t be here, with the likes of Noname, Famous Dex, Don Q and Young M.A all missing, it’s kind of insulting, anyway judge for yourself below.

9. Kap G

Much like MadeinTYO I don’t think Kap G should be a freshman, he’s decent but nothing to write home about, much like a lot of rappers, good production but not that much in the way of skill, he dropped ‘SupJefe’ earlier in the year and I didn’t think all that much of it if I’m honest. All this being said the production is fire so he’s very much bareable, not trash but not good.

8. XXXTentacion

Let’s be honest, I don’t think XXX or the guys behind him should be in this years freshmen, some big names missed out because of guys like XXX, he’s not the best rapper, but boy has he made a name for himself and fair play to him for it, I love some of his tunes, but he’s not likely to make an amazing album. I will admit I can get turnt to his tracks, but he’s no Kung Fu Kenny.

7. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

Easily the worst named artist on this years freshman list, but Boogie is a solid addition to this years list, he’s known well for his mixtapes ‘Artist’ and ‘TBA’, both solid pieces of work that were most obviously the reason he is where he is now. He’s never going to be the biggest rapper in the world, he’ll never make an album of the year, but he’s always going to make some cool tunes with slick producers.

6. Playboi Carti

One of the biggest poster boys for this years XXL list is Playboi Carti, he’s the leader of the pack. He’s got big names behind with the ASAP Mob, and most recently released a self titled mixtape which showcased himself brilliantly. Not the most technically gifted rappers in the world, Carti will blend in well with the crowded rap game, you can get turnt but he’ll never go bar for bar with a man like Vic Mensa or Joey Badass.

5. Kamaiyah

I’m a huge fan of Kamaiyah, she is one of the top two female rappers in the world along with Noname (How she isn’t a freshman is beyond me) and has more than enough skill to match the men on this list. She self released a mixtape last year called ‘A Good Night In The Ghetto’ to critical acclaim, she’ll like make some major moves in the coming months so watch out for her.

4. Ugly God

Ugly God, easily my favourite freshmen in terms of pure entertainment, he’s as cool as they come and was always going to get on this years freshman list. ‘Water’ has gotta be one of the biggest rap bangers ever, love it so much. In more recent times, Ugly God has announced ‘The Booty Tape’ and in very recent times made a diss track about himself ‘Fuck Ugly God’

3. PnB Rock

PnB Rock is for some insane reason getting overlooked in the freshmen list, he’s proven to be an amazing rapper, which can be seen in his debut album earlier this year ‘GTTM: Goin Thru The Motions’ which has been overlooked as one of this years best rap albums, he’s not likely to be as successful as his fellow freshmen, but if we look at the bigger picture, he’s one of the best this lists got.

2. Kyle

Super Duper Kyle has been around for a long time and this is very much long overdue. He released a very solid mixtape in 2015 called ‘Smyle’ and it very much makes you smile, he’s a feel good rapper in an era full of mumble rap. Kyle’s very well known for his most recent track which went number one ‘Ispy’ which will likely be the leading track on a project very soon.

1. Aminé

Admittedly, I hadn’t heard a lot from Aminé until recently, but since I heard him I’ve been hooked, and in good time as well. He’s got an album out this summer and gradually releasing new singles. Most well known for his track ‘Caroline’ Aminé is a breath of fresh air, he’s fun and his music videos are brilliant. He’s happy, he’s got great flow and really cool lyrics. From the singles he’s released, his album should be amazing, he should be the leader of this years XXL Freshmen, not in the background like many have him.


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