Top 10 Childish Gambino Songs

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge Childish Gambino fan, I’d go as far to say he’s in my top 5 artists as an all rounder. Whether it’s a banger, funky jam, conscious rap or killer flow, Gambino has it all, below are my top 10 Gambino tracks, it’s tough because there’s so many worthy ones, an honorable mention would be ‘The Night Me And Your Mama Met’ which doesn’t make the list due to being an instrumental, but it’s probably my favourite instrumental piece.

10. Crawl

Crawl was featured on the soundtrack to game ‘Far Cry 3’ and was a major part of the ‘Because The Internet’ album and story. It’s one of Gambino’s biggest turn up bangers, he has the skills to make these bangers on the regular but he’s so diverse that it’s somewhat of a rarity these days.

9. Zombies

The first track from ‘Awaken, My Love!’ to feature on this list. It’s very different, even in terms of tracks on the actual album. Gambino has some solid, and extremely underrated vocals, this track feature Kari Faux, who has done work with Gambino before, they have good musical chemistry.

8. Freaks And Geeks

Back before Gambino was a funk genius and rap god, he was a dude with good flow that would have some of the corniest rap lyrics in the game, this was the best of that Gambino era. Some of them were so corny that they were bad, but this song was full of cheese and it was brilliant, after every lyric you would take a second before realising that someone would actually say stuff like this and get famous.

7. Retro [ROUGH]

This track is a remake of an old track from his old mixtape ‘Sick boi’, and it’s a much improved version. Anything Gambino made back then was kinda corny so it’s amazing to see the development with this remake. His vocals, rapping and writing have all improved a million times over.


6. Sweatpants

Some major Gambino swag on display in this track. ‘Because The Internet’ was filled with quality flow and quality music videos and this ticks the boxes. The lyrics fit Gambino so well, especially when you look at his past, he had a lot of haters up until that album but the lyric ‘don’t be mad cos I’m doing me than you doing you’ must piss off the haters.

5. Me And Your Mama

This was the first release from Gambino’s most recent album ‘Awaken, My Love!’ and it was the weirdest thing I’ve heard from him. I was expecting some fire rap and got this, but it was a masterpiece, I don’t think there’s a better buildup in any gambino track, not many better buildups in the whole of music.

4. 3005

This is Gambino’s biggest track to date, the song that got him Grammy nominations and ultimately the song that got Gambino into the forefront of the rap game, as always with Gambino it’s an amazing music video, and it’s gotten to such a high status it’s basically a rap anthem. For those who don’t like rap, this is a song that will be most likely to get you to like it.

3. Telegraph Ave (“Oakland by Lloyd”)

My favourite song from ‘Because The Internet’. This was, for me, one of the biggest points in Gambino’s evolution to what he is now. We saw glimpses of the singing and subtle change in style. Gambino has never dubbed himself as ‘just a rapper’ with good reason, he’s so much more.

2. Sober

When Gambino raps he amazing, but when he sings I find it hard to top, the piano instrumental is catchy and when it drops it’s one tune I can’t help but sing and dance along to, a toe tapper for life. A cool music video with even cooler vocals make this track an underrated belter.

1. Redbone

Not only the best Gambino song by a millions miles, but for me one of my favourite songs period. If I had a desert island disc this would be on it 100%. When you think you couldn’t love Gambino anymore he makes a banger like this, a funky classic for the ages. As soon as the instrumental kicks in I’m just sucked in, it’ll never be a background song, it’s simply too good to not be engaged in. As near to perfection as a song can get. It’s made some brilliant memes as too.


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