Good For You: Album Review

A couple months ago I ranked the XXL freshmen putting Aminé at number 1, with his happy go lucky sound and fresh music videos, along with his viral smash hit ‘Caroline’ it was hard to not love him. This is the debut album of the Portland born rapper. It’s an album I have personally looked forward to for quite sometime and I had high expectations, but did it meet those expectations?

Early into the album we get some added star power with features from Ty Dolla Sign and Nelly, it’s nothing to write home about but it’s a solid start, those two tracks are followed by ‘Caroline’ the hit that got him where he is now, and it’s a true banger, so much so that it’s went triple platinum. The album carries on with themes of past and potential loves, but in no way is it overly deep, if anything it’s the opposite and could be seen as happy, Aminé seems to be a man who doesn’t take himself seriously, he doesn’t bare his soul on this album too much, it’s refreshing to listen to an album and just be happy. The production is very good, not amazing, just very good. Lyrically, Aminé brings a fresh and funky vibe, often times very comical and witty, this is very much a feel good album because of it. ‘Turf’ and ‘Sundays’ seems to be the only tracks where the fun stops, they’re great tracks. The recently released ‘Wedding Crashers’ is probably the most feel good track behind the obvious ‘Caroline’ Offset features and delivers.

This overall is really fun and cool, and it’s a very respectable debut album, but it does feel like the entire album is a step behind what made him famous in the first place. ‘Caroline’ is an amazing 10/10 song and the rest of this album could be seen as 7/8 out of 10 with a few fillers. It’s just a tiny tiny bit off from being full of bangers, if Aminé went a bit harder on some verses and the production was a bit stronger this could be truly amazing, but in the end it’s just very good. The potential is there and Aminé should be happy with his work, I feel like in years to come we will see a lot more from him and I’m excited for the progression we will undoubtedly see.

Album rating: 7.5/10



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